Mátraszentimre Settlement and Vicinity

Mátraszentimre is the highest community in Hungary situated at 835 m (2736 ft) above see level in the Matra mountains and is about 85 Km (53 Miles) Northeast from Budapest. It can be easily reached by car or public bus transportation. The majority of the population of about 600 people in the settlements in the Matra make their living from tourism. Tens of thousands of tourists visit annually the Matra region for its unique climate and undisturbed peacefulness. It has been medically proven that the climate of the area is especially favorable for patients with respiratory ailments such as asthma. The area is a delight for hikers and is recommended to those who like high mountains, rumbling creeks, and natural beauties. The meadows of the Matra are rich in plants. 168 varieties of medicinal herbs can be found. There are also several rare and endangered plants like wild saffron, primrose, and cat's-foot. Also there are many edible mushrooms in the forests of Matra. Best known mushrooms are bolete and chanterelle.



Mátraszentimre Panzió

We will be delighted to offer our guests two (MAP) or three meals plan. We will be glad to accommodate your dietary requirements. All rooms have private bathroom and each has color TV. Below are present prices and we reserve the right to change the prices any time.

Prices Rate
Adault HUF 4,600 / Night / Person

Child  HUF   2600 / Night / Person

Breakfast   HUF  1,200

+HUF  350 / Night / Person


Children Discount: Children under 3 years of age stay free;

Skiing: Ski areas in Mátraszentistván offer excellent ski trails. With regret we cannot warrant the snow. If there is enough snow in quantity and of good quality, skiers can fully enjoy their beloved sport. www.sipark.hu

Fishing: Nearby there are two water reservoirs available for fishing.

Kettle or Cauldron Stewing: In the court-yard of the Panzio

Sincerely: Zsigmond Szell


Address: Széll Zsigmond, Arany János u. 12.

3235 Mátraszentimre Hungary

Telephone: +36302782155 

E-mail:  matraszentimre@panzio.hu